custom colormaps for data visualization
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Luminance Profile
Luminance Range
Optimization Settings
Colormap Quality
Faster optimization
Higher quality (slower)
Fewer hues
More hues
Color Vision Deficiency (CVD)

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Optimize for CVD
Color space 
Colors are placed close to each other but far in color space. May result in non-aesthetic colors.
Perceptual characteristics
Luminance Perceptual uniformity Smoothness
Colormap curve
Control points: 
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ColorMaker was designed by researchers at Indiana University Indianapolis and Renmin University of China. If you would like to read about how ColorMaker works, you can find the details in our paper.

If you would like to cite this work, please use the following citation:
 title={Color Maker: a Mixed-Initiative Approach to Creating Accessible Color Maps},
 author={Salvi, Amey and Lu, Kecheng and Papka, Michael E. and Wang, Yunhai and Reda, Khairi},
 booktitle={Proceedings of the 2024 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems},
Renmin University of China Indiana University Indianapolis